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Photo Printing

Your Photos Printed on:-

  • Canvas
  • Vinyl/Foam board
  • Premium Glossy Paper
  • Archival Matte Paper

The ideal souvenir of your holiday or gift for a friend or family member.

Various sizes are available from a few inches up-to 4'.

The prints can be taken as they are or mounted and framed, as required.


Photo Printing Prices

W H W H Canvas Vinyl Photo Paper
(") (") (cm) (cm)      
12 9 30 23 60.00 20.00 19.50
16 12 40 30 70.00 30.00 25.00
24 18 60 46 95.00 45.00 37.50
32 24 80 60 135.00 65.00 62.50
36 28 90 70 160.00 85.00 79.50

Mirroring (on sides of canvas) - Add 12.50, Min Order 35
Photo editing of images from 30, 10% discount on orders over 100
All the above follow closely the standard 4:3 ratio used on most cameras.   Other sizes available including squares & panoramic pictures (3:1)

Prices include laminating and stretching onto a wooden frame for canvases and mounting onto 5mm foam board for vinyl
Prices exclude mounting/framing for photo paper.   For prices of these please see framing details.

How we need the pictures supplied to us-

Photos can be supplied direct from your digital camera memory card (we can read up-to 53 types of memory card!), CD/DVD, USB memory stick, email ( or we can scan original photographs, slides or negatives.

Why not email your picture today and we can deliver the finished article to your door!
Please contact Cheddar Gallery for further details.

(We do not develop pictures from original film)


If you are interested in more details please visit us at the shop, call us on 01934 744188 or send an e-mail to